Lyday Tool Linebegan as a dream in the 1980’s when I was one of the very few female union carpenters in America.  It never occurred to me when I hit the all-male job sites that one of my first obstacles would be wrapping my smaller hand around tools that weren't designed for a woman.  I trained myself to handle the tools as well as the man next to me, but I always thought, “Wouldn't it be wonderful to have tools that really fit my hand?”


America's Home Improvement Expert  Lynda Lyday

LYDAY TOOL LINE with The Lyday Grip TM

After hosting over 350 home improvement shows for The Discovery Channel, HGTV and The DIY Network collectively, I finally earned enough recognition to take this dream of mine to fruition.  Luckily, the world has changed and women are flooding into hardware stores and home centers educating themselves about the previously mystifying world of home repair and buying tools.

Lyday Tool Line is a unique line of tools with a hip retro design without compromising performance and durability. My tools are tough enough for any woman – or man – to use. The handles are designed with the woman’s smaller hand in mind using rubber and plastic materials to create a the Lyday Griptm.

Lynda Lyday

Home Improvement Expert

CEO, Master Carpenter,

Contractor, Author, Educator

Tools with The Lyday Grip